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Truly Unique Wake Boats

The Heyday design was created by much of the same team that virtually invented the wake sports category almost two decades ago – including top wake hull engineer “Cotton” Welshan, a 30-year veteran of the watersports industry. Together, they recognized the flaws in what many of today’s wake sports boats have become. Then they started over — using a clean slate — and reimagined what a wake sports boat could, and should, be.

Introducing the new WT-1

Heyday’s WT-1 was designed to bring a truly affordable boat to the market. It’s for the weekend warriors who want the same great ride behind the boat but don’t need all the whistles and bells that jack up the price and have zero effect on the wake. Go check out a WT-1 at your local boat show this winter!

Need more room? Checkout the WT-2

At just under 23 feet, this unique configuration delivers more room and more comfort. Its side console gives way to a roomy L-lounge in the bow, and additional seating for a total of up to 12 people. The aft section features Heyday’s unique ‘Hot Tub’ seats—equally comfortable for aft viewing or forward cruising. It’s the perfect combination of attitude and practicality. 

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